Re-Shaping the Future of Endurance Sports

TriHabitat is the world's first and only self-contained endurance sports racing and training venue.

TriHabitat not only revolutionizes the way the world’s greatest athletes train and perform, but the way the public participates in and embraces the sport.

The TriHabitat facility is set on 1,100 pristine, green North Carolina acres and is uniquely designed for speed and performance. The 25-acre lake boasts crystal clear water from subterranean springs, and the run and bike terrain is surrounded by lush landscapes that will never see the tires of a motor vehicle. TriHabitat doubles as a training and event facility—year-round and night and day—where athletes will safely and effectively concentrate on what’s critical to their performance. This groundbreaking, contained and closed course promises world-class times where athletes will let go of distractions and explore the outer limits of their potential. Spectators will no longer have to venture out to high profile sections of endurance sports courses or vie for good positions in high-traffic transition areas. A sidewalk will run around the entire circumference of the lake allowing spectators to literally walk alongside participants. Five “stadiums” will be built using natural earth mounding—popularized by the PGA with their stadium golf course designs—for spectators to immerse themselves in the excitement and action of the race weekend. A large lodge, conference center and motorhome park have been incorporated for the convenience and comfort of all. TriHabitat is thrilled to be a part of Wilmington, North Carolina.


Reinventing the endurance sport experience in Wilmington, NC

Our state of the art racing and training facility is the first of its kind. TriHabitat was built to help you channel the direction and drive that can only be found in a world-class, endurance sport champion.


An Unparalleled Athletic Training Complex

The World's first and only totally self-contained endurance sports venue.

  • Lodge/Conference Center
    • 20 room lodge
    • Conference facilities
    • Kitchen
    • Retail store
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  • Lake
    • Lifeguard stands every 50 meters
    • Permanent lane ropes
    • 8-10' deep
    • Crystal clear water
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  • Swim Start/Finish Stadiums
    • Beach start & finish
    • Permanent corrals
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  • Race Village
    • Expo location
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  • Pavilion
    • Race registration
    • Post event refreshments
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  • Bike Barn
    • Bike tech support
    • Rental bikes
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  • Run Course
    • 6.5 mile loop
    • 8' wide
    • Run-thru aid stations every mile
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  • Bike Course
    • 14 mile loop
    • 14' wide
    • No corners
    • Lightly banked turns
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  • Bike & Run Courses
    • Located on remaining 900 acres of 1100 acre total
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  • Coaster Stadium
    • A series of 10' high mounds on the bike course
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  • Finish Stadium
    • Run finishes across lake
    • Permanent bleachers
    • VIP boxes
    • Permanent medical tent
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  • Hairpin Stadium
    • Mid-point of bike & run courses
    • Location of bike aid station
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  • Amphitheater/Stage
    • Award ceremonies
    • Pre-race meetings
    • Concerts
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  • Transition Stadium
    • State-of-the-art individual bike stations
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